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– High-Frequency Noise Probe (Patented) PDF
TypeFrequency RangeNoise Floor
2G100 kHz - 150 MHz~3×10-23 (A2/Hz) @ 10 MHz
3G100 kHz - 800 MHz~1×10-22 (A2/Hz) @ 10 MHz
– Softwares
Noise Measurement1/f Noise Measurement using Keysight Technologies 1500AB1530 (WGFMU) required (2ch/4ch)
Noise MeasurementFor controlling High Frequency Noise Probe2G/3G


CategoryInformation Obtained Frequency Range
Low-Frequency Noise MeasurementQuality of materials (e.g., gate oxides)1 Hz - 1 MHz
High-Frequency Noise MeasurementThermal noise level100 kHz - 150 MHz (2G)
100 kHz - 800 MHz (3G)

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