EMC/EMI Simulator

Compliance Scope (EMC/EMI Simulator)
Brochure (English/Japanese) 

Introduction Video (18m25s)
Dr. Dipanjan Gope, CEO of SimYog Technology

Closed captions in English/Japanese/Chinese are available.

00:00-00:42     SimYog Technology
00:43-02:51     What is Compliance Scope?
02:52-03:58     BCI (bulk current injection) Laboratory
03:59-04:30     RE (radiative emission) Laboratory
04:31-06:32     Flow Diagram of Compliance Scope
06:33-08:07     Core Technologies (1) 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Solver (Method of Moments)
08:08-08:41     Core Technologies (2) Parallel Computing
08:42-10:50     Core Technologies (3) Hybrid Solvers Designated for  EMI/EMC
10:51-11:23     Core Technologies (4) Learning-Based Method
11:24-12:04     IC Models for Immunity & Emission
12:05-14:39     Example Case 1: BCI Failure Prediction (IC)
14:40-16:14     Example Case 2: BCI Failure Prediction (Capacitive Touch Sensor)
16:15-17:57     Example Case 3: RE Simulation for Power Electronics
17:58-18:25     Contact Us

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